Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tobacco Rating Sheet

Name: Kingfisher by Butera Date: 12/9/08
Tin Description: Virginia, Burley, & Perique

Before the smoke 15 total points possible: 14/15
Package Presentation/Performance 1-5 pts.: 5 points. Great tin art, tobacco nicely

Tobacco Appearance 1-5 pts.: 5 points. I love the “Krumble Kake” cut

Tin Aroma 1-5 pts.: 4 Points. Figs, Sweet Virginias.

Tobacco Performance 35 total points possible: 31/35
Packs 1-5 pts.: 4 points
Lights 1-10 pts.: 10 points
Burns 1-10 pts.: 10 points
Taste 1-10 pts.: 7 points
Total Score: 45/50
The tin description is simply: Virginia, Burley, & Perique.
The cut is characterized as a Double Cut Krumble Kake, and I can really get behind this cut. Nice thick slices sitting on edge packed tightly in the tin. The slices crumble when removed and are ready to pack in your favorite bowl.
Kingfisher’s presentation is first rate across the board, the tin art, krumble kake cut, tin aroma, and the visual complexion work great together to create a splendid beginning to your smoking experience.
Kingfisher is one of the tobaccos that I select when I want something that will satisfy body wise, but not a nicotine bomb that will keep you up at night if you smoke it too close to bedtime.
When you crack open the tin you will find a most pleasant aroma of, Figs melding with the sweet scent of quality Virginias. I then just crumble a couple of flakes on one end of the tin and sprinkle in the bowl of a favorite briar until the bowl is full, lightly tamp down and repeat once or twice more, being careful not to pack too tightly. This tobacco loves the match, requiring only one charring light, a light tamp, another light and I’m pretty much set for a quite enjoyable commute to work with no relights needed.
I don’t find Kingfisher to be an overly complex smoking experience. The bowl starts off nutty sweet with the Perique pepper there but staying in the background like the shy kid at a junior high mixer. The Perique flavor does build some and becomes noticed more by the end of the bowl, but never comes to the front. The earthy sweet, nutty flavors you start with pretty much remain consistent throughout the smoke, the only change I notice is the slight building of the Perique.
Recommended pairings: A generous pour of Famous Grouse Scotch and Chieli Minucci’s Got it Goin’ on CD, if I’m staying in. Since I’m getting ready to drive to work it will be a bottle of water and XM radio’s Watercolors 71 smooth jazz station. Kingfisher holds up well in either situation.